Dear Valued Customers,

VinaCapital Danang Resort Ltd would like to send you the latest construction update for VinaLiving’s condominium project in Danang known as ‘The Ocean Suites’:-

  • Site Infrastructure:
  • Installation of storm water and electrical services now completed.
  • Road, car parking, footpath has been completed.
  • Generator room has been completed.
  • Street light has been completed.
  • Fence construction: Wire mesh fence has now been completed and corrugated iron fence is underway.
  • Building Works
  • Internal and external painting work completed in October 2017.
  • Installation of timber floor, aluminium doors and timber doors completed in October 2017.
  • Steel door installation completed in October 2017.
  • Interior fit – out completed in October 2017.
  • Lift installations completed in October 2017.
  • Landscape:

- Landscape of common area and around building has started in October 2017 and will be completed in November 2017.

  • Delivery:

- Scheduled for handover in the latter parts of Q4 2017


Best Regards,


1. Internal painting works completed


Level 1~9_Completed internal painting (1)



Level 1~9_Completed internal painting (2)



2. External painting works completed

Level 1~9_Completed external painting (2)


Level 1~9_Completed external painting (1)


3. External painting works completed

Level 1~9_Completed timber floor


Level 1~9_Completed timber door



4. Completed timber floor & timber door


Level 1~9_Completed alu door & window


Level 1~9_Completed steel door



5. Completed furniture

Level 1~9_Completed furniture


6. Lift completed 


Lift completed


7. Road and car parking completed 


Infras_Road and car parking completed


8. Footpath completed 


Footpath completed


9. Generator house_Completed with gravel at roof 


Generator house_completed with gravel at roof


10. Street light completed 


Street light completed

11. Ongoing landscaping works 



Landscaping works (2)






Landscaping works (1)


12. Front, rear, side elevation


Front elevation


Rear elevation


Side elevation